release notes

Release: 15 May 2023

Release notes – – 1.0.11


AME-304 Add a new report periods “Forrige måned” and “Forrige år”

New Feature

AME-309 Add imported date onto the meter list on a tag

Release: 30 March 2023


AME-296 Allow filtering by any grouping, not just those visible on the report

New Feature

AME-299 If a meter has no network (for example it’s imported from metering) allow any product to be selected

Release: 14 Mar 2023


AME-287 Allow graphs to be shown for weekly reports

AME-290 Add some extra measure options for reports

AME-294 The weekly report should still include this week just as the monthly report includes this month


AME-288 At certain times “Årlig Energiforbruk” on the meter page is only based on 11 months

AME-289 When data is edited on a tag for other tags or meters, the data on the current form should be reloaded

Release: 21 Feb 2023


AME-283 Improve the visibility of tabs when the mouse is hovering over them

Release: 20 Feb 2023


AME-280 Allow yearly comparison on the faktura view of a meter

AME-281 Change the layout of report parameter selection for a cleaner interface


AME-282 Clicking on a a tag in a report can cause the application to crash

Release: 15 Feb 2023


AME-278 Set the default measure for reports to energy, not total cost

AME-279 Create weekly reports so that trends from last year can be seen at a glance at a weekly level

Release: 6 Feb 2023


AME-274 The “Legg til standardrapporter” button causes confusion

AME-275 Group the options available for reports so it is easier to find which option is required.

Release: 2 Feb 2023

AME-269 Add a heat map to the report table comparing values with the previous year

AME-270 Add a bar to the report tables so like values can be visually compared to each other.

AME-271 Change underforbruk to overforbruk, as everybody is confused by what it means

AME-272 Place group selection and column selection side-by-side to save space

Release: 27 Jan 2023

AME-268 Add submeter as a type of meter so they can be easily grouped

Release: 25 Jan 2023

AME-266 Reports are selecting two different years by default when the current month is January

Release: 20 Jan 2023
New Feature

AME-258 Celsio fjernvarme – support for new pricemodel